Technological Tools

Development and implementation of technological tools​

The use of computer tools is of the utmost importance for the administration of all the essential information generated by each and every one of the process and product control activities, at any stage of the process, even from shrimp farms.

The generation of information, its collection, classification, administration, edition and final publication demand the application of a Technological Management system that allows a more effective production and administration in the execution of essential tasks and therefore affects an increase in organizational competitiveness in the market.

Automation to obtain and interpret data through computer technology is essential for an Integrated Management Systems. A good computer scheme is the use of indicators managed under KPI models in practical review panels such as dashboards, implementation of comprehensive ERP’s systems that automate the management of key processes, and even if necessary and when applicable, the use of intelligent systems to take better decisions (BI – Business intelligence).

Our proposal consists of the development and implementation of an application or an ERP system as integral software that includes quality control and assurance management, safety, traceability, production, etc. all within a system of automation and transmission of data from the supplier or technical representatives at origin to the importing client.  Automation and ERP will be fully customized to the importing client.

Proposed activities for the development of an ERP include:

  • Crop or production schedules.
  • Traceability.
  • Online records (parameters, controls, data in general).
  • Inventory control.
  • Production control.
  • Quality control (sensory, metrological).
  • Alert systems
  • Etc.

The results of implementing an ERP include having improvements in the workload due to more efficient and organized management and having users from all key departments with knowledge of the application of an ERP system.

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