Technical Representation

Technical Representation for Product and Process Quality Assurance and Control​

We offer importers of aquaculture and fishing products our technical representation services for the Assurance and Quality Control of products and processes according to the requirements described in their own specifications or requirements of any other regulatory reference of interest, from the receipt of the raw material in processing plants until the dispatch of the container from the plant.

Our services are also suitable for exporters who wish to strengthen or validate their quality control systems.

Our criteria for quality assurance and control for compliance with specifications cover:

  • The presentation and types of product.
  • Production requirements, safety, quality, traceability, etc.
  • Process control (critical limits and operations; deviation management).
  • Use of additives and chemical treatments.
  • Metrological requirements (weights, counts, size uniformity).
  • Sensory requirements (% of defects and organoleptics such as smell, color, taste).
  • Chemical, microbiological and physical requirements.
  • Packaging and labeling requirements.
  • Finished product handling and storage requirements.
  • Shipping requirements.

We describe below details of each service that we offer in an integral or specific way, without limitations to carry out any other control not described here.

Product and process control

We carry out technical support on site, at each stage of the process from the reception of the raw material to the freezing process and storage of the final product in cold rooms, to ensure that the processing plant fulfills its responsibilities regarding the product requirements and process described in customer specifications.

The objective is to promote a preventive system instead of a reactive one so that in any case of product or process deviation, preventive and corrective actions can be applied before moving on to the next stage of the process.

 Finished product analysis

Before shipping the final product in refrigerated containers, our methodology includes control analysis through thawing procedures for the final product to confirm that the quality of the product meets the customer’s specifications, in addition to validating that the process was adequate to obtain the desired results.

 Verification and Control of shipments

We carry out verification and control activities of final product shipment (master box) in refrigerated containers to ensure the quality of the post-process product until dispatch from the plant considering temperature, safety, cubic capacity and stowage, handling, labels, condition requirements. and operation of the container, etc.

 Development of technical specifications for exporters and importers

Additionally, we offer the import and export sector all the necessary advice for the development of technical specifications for all forms of aquaculture and fishing products of interest.

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