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We detail below the Project Management and Execution services we offer, which can be applied comprehensively or by specific type of service according to the project’s need:

Due diligence – prior evaluation/audit

We carry out an exhaustive collection of information through evaluations or previous audits applying Due Diligence to examine in detail the issues and areas related to the project to be executed, and thus obtain all the relevant and sensitive information that allows us to know and reduce investment risks of the project.

The result of the Due Diligence will be a detailed final report that will be the main input for the following stages of a project since it will give a real vision of all the financial, accounting, fiscal, commercial, labor, technological, computer, environmental, legal, of production, etc. as applicable to the type of project.

This final Due Diligence report includes objective conclusions and recommendations on what was evaluated, audited or investigated to facilitate the continuation of the project to be executed.

Among the information that the final report will have, it mainly includes and as applicable, content regarding:

  • Current requirements and standards related to the project.
  • Technical, financial, administrative, legal documentary inventory, etc.
  • Compliance with specifications.
  • State, integrity or maintenance of materials or infrastructures.
  • Inventories of inputs or other sensitive materials.
  • Status of supplies and expenses.
  • Labor, knowledge, security, accessibility, environmental conditions, etc.
  • Identification and evaluation of competitive advantages, strengths and risks.


Preparation and financial evaluation of projects

We offer our services for the Preparation and Financial Evaluation of Efficiency Projects.

Our methodology consists of commercial, technical, legal, management feasibility studies, etc. to obtain a financial evaluation that allows us to measure if the investment necessary for the project will be profitable.

Efficiency projects for financial preparation and evaluation could be (without limiting to any other project not mentioned here):

  • Strategies for the supply of raw materials.
  • Expansion of hectares in shrimp farms.
  • Expansion of production in shrimp processing plants (Infrastructure, classification, freezing, maintenance of final product).
  • Change of matrix from fossil to electric energy.
  • Change of matrix of freezing systems (freon to ammonia).
  • Improvement of pumping systems for water collection in shrimp farms.
  • Changes in open water systems to recirculation in shrimp farms.
  • Improvement of the loading capacity of shrimp ponds.
  • Maintenance of shrimp ponds, reservoirs, machinery, etc. in shrimp farms
  • Total, partial and progressive implementation of semi-intensive systems.
  • Implementation of raceways or pre-breeders for transfer systems.
  • Implementation of sales and export strategies.
  • Installation of new machines and technology.
    • Cooking systems, IQF freezing, brine, etc.
    • Technology for process automation in plants
    • Aerator systems in shrimp farms
    • Automatic feeding systems
    • Computer systems applied to aquaculture production

The results include conclusions and recommendations that direct you to the preparation stages of requirements to qualify or access local or international credit lines.

Management for access to lines of credit – financing

The Efficiency Projects that have a significant impact on the increase in profitability are related to purchase investments, substitution, expansion of installed capacity, infrastructure improvements, administrative and commercial strategies, etc. This implies the possible need to access financing.

Access to credit lines for project financing often implies meeting not only financial requirements, but also technical, environmental, and social requirements, etc.

In addition to our PROJECT PROFITABILITY PREPARATION AND EVALUATION services, we offer the sector preparation for compliance with financing requirements, through MANAGEMENT FOR ACCESS TO LINES OF CREDIT AND FINANCING, which consists of the review and interpretation of requirements, standards or other obligations to subsequently design and plan the corresponding actions to achieve all the required requirements, whether these are already available by the company or those that still need to be implemented.

Our proposal is to prepare the requirements and represent the company in the negotiations before the local or international financial entity to which the financing is being applied. After the delivery of requirements, we also cover any request for correction or additional information from the financial institution.

Business valuation – capital opening

Our focus on productivity and efficiency leads us to seek alternatives that allow the company to be more profitable, for which we offer our services related to business valuation (capital opening), to determine the value of the company to achieve the formalization of companies, entry of new partners, mergers, acquisitions, association strategies through strategic alliances (example contribution of know-how), etc.

Our proposal includes the management of representation in favor of the client in all association negotiations before the company interested in a partnership or strategic alliance. It also includes the management to carry out the accompaniment throughout the process of preparation and implementation of all the activities and related requirements between the interested parties.

Financial analysis

As part of the efficiency project execution process, the company may require a financial analysis to assess the current financial conditions of your company with respect to working capital, profitability, level of indebtedness, etc. and finally obtain a diagnosis of your business.

The financial analysis helps to confirm the level of compliance with the requirements for access to lines of credit and if it is necessary to prepare and implement possible contingency actions to achieve full compliance.

As an integral part of our PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND EXECUTION services and when necessary, we carry out Financial Analysis for our clients.

Our analysis focuses on the viability, stability and profitability of the business, considering:

  • Liquidity (working capital).
  • Productivity of assets.
  • Financial appeceament.
  • Patrimonial Health.


Operational and financial planning

Part of our PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND EXECUTION services includes the planning of all operational and financial aspects of the project to be implemented to generate the actions and goals to achieve the proposed objectives.

Based on previous actions such as the gathering of information through DUE DILIGENCE, profitability evaluation, management of access to credit lines and financial analysis, the project to be implemented will be planned according to the times, assigned resources and the application of adequate procedures that ensure the results. desired of the project.

Planning includes the preparation of operating and financial budgets, budget analysis, financial restructuring (bank, creditors, etc.).

Implementation and project management

Our Project Implementation and Management services offer you the necessary and related activities for the execution of your already identified projects or those that are generated according to a specific need.

We carry out the implementation of projects which includes the execution, management, monitoring and closure of projects. The scope of our management covers efficiency projects related to civil works or operational, productive, administrative, financial, strategic, technological aspects, etc.

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