White farm raised shrimp (Penaeus vannamei)​

All our products are derived from the production and processing of farmed shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) from the reception of larvae and shrimp feed in shrimp farms, through reception at the processing plant, beheaded, grading, peeling, cuts, packaging and freezing, until the dispatch of each kind of the shrimp presentations: «whole», “tail” and “peeled tails”.

These presentations can be cut or not, with or without intestine (P&D or PUD), with or without telson (tail on / tail off).

The presentations can be frozen IQF or Block and can be exported raw or cooked.
«Tails» and «peeled tails» may or may not be treated with phosphates or other moisturizers. All presentations may or may not be treated with sodium metabisulfite.

It is summarized as follows the various presentations of the products produced by MEGA Seafood Alliance:

  • Head-on: Treated with metabisulfite. Raw. Block frozen or IQF.
  • Headless shell on: Treated or not with metabisulfite and/or phosphates. Block frozen or IQF.
  • Peeled Tails (Added Value: P&D tail-on; P&D tail off; PUD tail-on; PUD tail off; Butterfly tail-on, Peel Pull Vein, Ez Peeled, etc.): Treated or not with phosphates. Block frozen or IQF.

All our presentations can be packed in small boxes or primary plastic bags of food grade, with gross and net weight according to the request of our clients. These primary packages are packed in secondary (master) boxes that vary in weight depending on the brand or type of product.